Who Is A Glazier? What Kinds Of Glasses Does One Work With?


Glaziers are glass fitters who work on different glass products for windows and doors. In fact, a glazier from Coolum Beach who performs effective glass installation is the best man behind all your glazing work in the building. The other skills of a glazier areas follows:

  • Replaces & installs glass in furniture, doors, windows, etc.
  • Installs the frames associated with the above categories.
  • Supplies the best quality of glass.
  • Gives the glass its desired shape to fulfill the requirement.
  • Provides the best quality of shower screen with weather proof joints.
  • Polishes the panes of doors and windows.

What Are the Types of Glasses He/She Works With?

A glazier can provide you with a variety of glasses for your door and windows. Getting familiar with these types will help you during the installation works. Some of the common types are:

Float glass – Similar to ordinary glass which has no distortion. It looks great on window panes.

Energy efficient glass – It is a type of floating glass which has a specialized coating on one side for reducing the heat of the sunlight. The sun rays that pass through it are relatively less impactful. Due to the coating, the glass appears grey in color.

Patterned glass – This type of glass is useful for decorative applications. Due to having patterns, the glass provides privacy and allows less light to pass through it.

Safety glass – It is a type of glass with special treatment. If the glass breaks, the shattered pieces are not sharp.

Laminated glass – This type of glass comes with a coating of transparent lamination and is generally tougher than the other types.

Wired glass – It is a form of glass in which wired plates are inserted to provide a line of protection against breakage. Due to the wired plates, the glass generally does not look so attractive.

Splashback – This type is made from safety glass with a variety of colors. It is generally installed in bathrooms and kitchens to deliver a modern look.

Shower screen – Shower screen is temperature resistant glass, which means that it does not break when extremely hot or cold water comes in contact with it.

Hiring a glazier is always the best thing to do when there is a need for installing any kind of glass. The aesthetic appeal of your home’s doors and windows lies in their hand. Before making any decision on your glass decoration, make sure that you contact a glazier in Sunshine Coast to get the best advices.


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