How To Transform Your Bathroom With A Shower Screen?

Bathroom Transform To Shower Screen

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, there are a lot of options that you can take your pick from. Among them, the most important factor is to take a wise decision on how to enclose your shower. Embellish your bathroom with a dramatic glass shower screen.

Why going Transparent?

Glass shower screens are lovely alternatives to shower curtains. They are available in an array of styles, from simple and traditional to sophisticated and customised look. A glass shower screen is both practical and stylish element that can impart a clean and fresh look to your bathroom. Shower screens should be installed according to your requirements and the size of the bathtub. The different options available include single door, in line shower enclosure, neo-angled and more. Unlike traditional shower doors, a screen can be frameless, which means ease of cleaning and unrestricted views of the shower area. A glass shower screen also matches well with ceramic or tile flooring and wall.

How to give your bathroom a unique look?

Glass shower screens are also available in various design options like frosted, obscured, embossed, tinted and etched . You can also create a decorative design on the glass door with the help of a glass artisan. It is better that you obtain quotes in advance from multiple distributors of shower screen in Coolum so as to get an idea about the pricing. The professionals would also be able to suggest you an array of alluring colour variants of shower screens that you can choose from.

Most experts recommend installing a colouring glass that matches with the tile’s colours. For example, if you have yellowish tiles laid in your bathroom, you must attach a glass door with the same colour with a slightly light shade. And it will look like a true work of art if you install a white or yellow LED in the bathroom. For bringing about a more creative look, you can opt for a glass that has a designwork of scattered water droplets etched on it. If the colour of your tiles is white or creamy, then you can opt for a fully transparent door or a bluish finish on the glass shower door. Apart from this, there are a number of matching combinations that a glass artisan can provide you with.

Maintenance is a vital part

Although a shower screen is easy to clean, experts often recommend hiring a glass artisan that not only provides a creative look in the bathroom but also offers effective maintenance work for the screen. Hiring a professional for the upkeep is necessary as they know the correct process of cleaning and moreover, they do not use any abrasive or acid-based cleaning solutions.

Whatever look you are going to give to your new or redecorated bathroom, bear in mind that a glass shower screen can always give you versatility and longevity.


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